Eh Team Vancouver Rosters

2019 Roster


Ron, Paul, JC, Gary, John, Blake, Dean and Kevin

Niki, Leanne, Darlene, Carri, Elisa, MA and Loretta


2018 Roster

IMG_2706 (1)

Coaches: Bill Rough and Andrew McLaughlin
Players: Darlene Ginn, Elisa Lok, Loretta McLaughlin, Niki Cuthbert, Larissa Wolters, MA Havas, Carri Ellison, Bree MacKinnon, John Gledstone, Ian Jacques, JC Merriam, Paul Havas, Kevin McRoberts, Fraser MacKinnon, Bill Rough, Justin Robertson and Corey Petalik.

2017 rosters


Eh Team Hayes: Ian, Paul, JP, Justin, Mac, Blake, Ryan, Ike

Carri, Courtney, MA, Lonnie, Leanne Hough
Coaches: George, Carri and Ian
Eh Team Drew: Bill, Ron, John, Cody, Corey, Dustin, Gary, Fraser
Loretta, Elisa, Niki, Leanne Keith, Kerri-Lee, Bree
Coaches: Bill and Andrew

The Eh Team is a group of advertising & sales professionals from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

2016 rosters

Team Drew

Eh Team Drew
Guys: JC Merriam, Mark Daling, John Gledstone, Rob Stewart, Cody Villeneuve, Corey Petalik
Girls: Loretta McLaughlin, Niki Cuthbert, Darlene Ginn, Kerri-Lee Bennett, Larissa Wolters
Coaches: Andrew McLaughlin, Leanne Hough

Team Hayes

Eh Team Hayes
Guys: Ian Jacques, Paul Havas, Kevin McRoberts, JP Dodd, Shaun Easson, Dustin Carruthers, Justin Robertson, Terry Jordan
Girls: MA Havas, Lonnie Choi, Loreal Paus, Courtney Robertson, Sue Ireland
Coaches: George Hrvacanin and Ian Jacques


Honorary member

#45 Debbie Antillon
Nickname: En Fuego
Years on the team: 9

In memoriam

#95 Andrew Pereman
Nickname: Hayes

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