The Advertising Softball World Series 2017 – Myrtle Beach


The Eh Team has returned from the 35th annual Ad Softball World Series.
The Eh Team finished with an overall record of 10-15 with Team Hayes finishing at 6-6 and Team Drew at 4-9.
See our gallery section for photos from the tournament.
Below you will see more photos of our award winners:


Ian Jacques and Carri Ellison were both inducted into the Softball World Series Hall of Fame. Eh Team Vancouver now has six members in the Hall: Ron Jacques, Tom Shipman, Bill Rough, Helen Fisher, Carri Ellison and Ian Jacques.


Team Hayes MVPs Carri Ellison and Ryan Scott with coach Ian Jacques.


Team Drew MVPs Elisa Lok and Fraser MacKinnon with coaches Andrew McLaughlin and Bill Rough.

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